Honoring those who have shown an ongoing commitment to enhancing the quality of people's lives.
• Celebrating excellence in the Arts.
 • recognizing positive, good works within the atmosphere of negativity throughout the world.
• Providing scholarships for the children of young widows and widowers who have demonstrated a need.
• Offering seminars, symposia, and workshops covering Human Rights, Wellness, Mentoring,
and other uplifting topics.
• Mentoring in the arts and letters

What are the awards?
•Lifetime Achievement Award statue, given to ten individuals each year, in various ceremonies.
•Financial Aid in the form of college scholarships, given to the children who have lost a parent, where
there is a demonstrated financial need that cannot be filled otherwise

Who chooses the recipients?
•The Lifetime Achievement Board of Directors makes the final
 judgment after receiving nominations from the public, social workers, and from our own resources

Who is on the Board?
•Influential members of the community
 •People in the public eye
 •Corporate leaders

How is the Foundation funded?
•Corporate sponsorship
 •Private donations
 •Proceeds from Awards Banquet

Duties of the Board
•Monthly meetings
 •Advice and consent
 •Fundraising suggestions and help
 •Donations (accepted, but not required)

•Executive Director
•Office Furniture, computers (donated)
 •Insurance and payroll items
 •Postage, office supplies, misc. office expenses
 •Additional personnel as needed, budget allowing
 •Accounting and Legal (pro bono)