Esalen Institute
at Big Sur, CA
APRIL 7-9, 2006

We will be conducting a ten-hour weekend workshop for Esalen Institute at Big Sur, CA,
APRIL 7-9, 2006. Registration can be made directly with Esalen

(click esalen.org for a direct link.)

APRIL 7-9, 2006 (ten hours total)

ESALEN INSTITUTE, Rt. 1 at Big Sur, about two hours South of San Francisco

and about four hours North of Los Angeles.

Depends on which meal/lodging plan you choose, plus whether or not you choose to participate in other programs.

The range is approximately $260-$550 for the weekend, including room and board.  Work-study programs are available.

Esalen will accepts reservations from their website (www.esalen.org) or by phone.


CLICK esalen.org to access the Esalen website.
We recommend that you thoroughly peruse the information there. Their contact numbers are there as well.

SURVIVAL: Taking back your life. Moving forward after losing a partner.

Co-facilitated by Gary & Kathy Young. A weekend workshop

The death of a partner can affect you in illogical, unpredictable ways, for an unpredictable length of time.

Myths exist about the condition of grief and loss. Reality, nurturing and support is needed.
Gary and Kathy Young are national support leaders who both lost young spouses.
The issues are many and the work toward recovery is difficult.
Quality survival is the goal, preserving the cherished the memories for yourself, and for the legacy of the person who you lost.
You can reclaim function and the mystery and beauty of life with simple exercises, support methods, and guidance.
Physical and verbal interactions will clarify your understanding, opening you to personal growth beyond expectation.
This uplifting seminar will heighten your spirituality and engage your confidence.
You are not alone.
Verbal guidance, improvisation, journaling and hands-on techniques will bring you back to community.

Some of the issues include:

What is/is not grief? “Seeing” a future Recovery does not mean forgetting or restoring the past. Labels “Normalcy.”
Betrayal. Other people’s expectations. My expectations. PAIN - your unwanted “friend.” Guilt. Sympathy.
Fear of happiness - what others might think. The most difficult thing. Anniversaries. Changes at work.
Unexplainable occurrences: "messages" from beyond?. Debts. Unexpected gifts. Crying. Humor. Children. Dating

Before you book with Esalen, please email or call us (818) 222-5554 or TOLL FREE (866)238-2840

so that we can discuss any unfamiliarity that you might have with Esalen or the workshop procedure.